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NAME: Mr. Phusawasdi Sukliang
BIRTHDATE: 13 February 1961
PLACE OF BIRTH: 19 Moo 4 T. Phakthan A. Bang Rachan Singburi Thailand
FATHER: Mr. Pin Sukliang
MOTHER: Mrs. Sanguan Sukliang
Education :  
Primary School: Wat Huayjaroensuk
T. Choengklad A. Bang Rachan Singburi Thailand
Secondary School: Srisaksuan Withaya
High School: Adult Education Institute Bhodisamphan
T. Naklua A. Bang Lamung Chonburi Thailand
University: Bachelors' degree: Management Science, Major Communication art
Rajabhat Institute Chiang Mai Thailand
Master Degree: Faculty of Humanities ,Major Tourism Industry Management
Chiang Mai University Thailand
Work History:  
1980-1985 Receptionist at Asia Pattaya Hotel
1985-1988 Receptionist at Chiang Mai Rincome Hotel
1988-1989 Tour Guide
1989 Private Tours & Travel Agency
Expertise International Trade (Tourism & Hotel Industry)

Tricycle bicycle antique in thailand
Samlors In Thailand
Samlors (three-wheeled bikes) have been used in Thailand for over 60 years. They have evolved greatly during that time and continue to prove to be a very useful mode of transportation. Though motorcycle taxis are becoming more common for quick trips, there’s still nothing like a samlor for carrying a load or riding in a bit more comfort.

This page shows a few of the many types of samlor in Thailand. No claims are made that this list is complete or even accurate; I just thought I would share the photos.

samlor in nontaburiTraditional Samlors

It is said that the first samlor was used in Thailand in Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) Province in 1933 when a Chinese merchant added two wheels to a traditional bicycle. The passenger samlor is now found in virtually every province in the country, though in Bangkok they are not allowed on main streets, only on side streets in older housing developments.

This photo was taken in front of the provincial capital building of Nontaburi Province, just north of Bangkok. It’s nice to note that though Nontaburi has long been a bedroom community of Bangkok with a growing suburbia of ticky-tacky houses, they haven’t yet replaced this building with one made of concrete.
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